A few words about our evenings at Hitchcock's

Our events at Hitchcock's

Hitchcock's Vegetarian Restaurant is our normal venue for our social events. We try to arrange a meal there at least once per month. To read about the restaurant specifically see our special page or their own website.

Doors open at 8pm with most ERVegans arrive by 8:15. Starters are already out on the table and we normally get our main course at around 8:30. We tend to finish eating by about10pm but people often stay at the table to chat for a while. Hitchcock's is that kind of place: very relaxed and easy going.

Normally we get 12-16 people at our events but for the more popular nights this can increase to 25+. If you come as a group it is a good idea to arrive earlier to secure seats together although it is not normally an issue for people to move around to accommodate.

Some people meet up before Hitchcock's in a local pub, The Black Boy, which is just round the corner on the High Street -- see their website for details. Normally the front bar is used but it depends what the pub is like on the night.

When you arrive at Hitchcock's, ring the door bell and ask your waitress/waiter to show you to the ERVegans table. If you are new to our events I will say hello and introduce you to the people sitting around you.

We sit around one long table talking, laughing and enjoying the cuisine on offer. Meals at Hitchcock's are great for conversing and the subjects people talk about are as varied as we are! Sometimes we do talk about vegan related topics but often its about films, books, what is in the news our our hobbies and interests.


We get a special discounted price. Mid-week meals are £17 per head for your 3 courses plus a tea / coffee. Friday nights are £20 pear head (correct as of 2017).

Bringing wine

Hitchcock's is licensed so you can buy alcohol there (they do very nice vegan wine). Alternatively you can bring a bottle of wine with you although you will have to pay £1 corkage.

Many people do bring a bottle along but please make sure it is a vegan wine especially if you offer someone a glass!

Good places to park

Hitchcocl's location and good parking spots

Hope to see you there!