If you want to know what we are about, how to contact us or how to get hold of our news letter this is the page for you..

About ERVegans

ER Vegans are a very informal group of Vegans and Vegan sympathisers who meet about once per month. The meetings are normally eating events, sometimes at our regular haunt (Hitchcock's Vegetarian Restaurant, Hull), sometimes we eat alfresco, sometimes we all knock up something and meet round someone's house. What ever the venue though we have a relaxed and friendly event that all are welcome to attend. To let you know what is going on we produce a vegan newsletter approximately once every two to three months. The paper copy of the newsletter newsletter is free to anyone in Hull and the surrounding area. An electronic copy is also produced that is free to all.

Another of our services is that we try to answer any vegan questions you may have. Since we are the National Vegan Society official local contact we are able to tap into their resources too plus we have developed many links with other vegan groups. Depending on the nature of your question we might be able to answer it over the phone or get information to you, either by e-mail or posting.

The area we cover

We were set up to serve the people of Hull and the surrounding areas and we can only send out paper based information to those areas. However if you have a question that we can answer by e-mail or you would like to receive an electronic copy of our newsletter we can send it anywhere on the planet!

For those that don't know Hull (sometimes known as Kingston-upon-Hull) is a city in the North East of England, based in the county known as East Yorkshire. East Riding is the old Viking name for our region.

Our group in numbers

  • In its current form the group has been in existence since 1998
  • We have 73 people who subscribe to our newsletter
  • We have 18 vegans in our group
  • We arrange between 10 and 14 events a year
  • Our Hitchcock events get between 12 and 25 attendees

Joining our Group

Joining ER Vegans is easy. Just contact us using one of the methods below and your in! There are no fees as such as we have fund raising events throughout the year and these produce all the funds we need. As a member you will get a newsletter about once a month detailing what we are going to do over the next few weeks as well as some vegan related articles and maybe the odd recipe.

What if I am not a vegan?

You don't have to be a full time Vegan to come to our events however you must uphold the Vegan ethic during the event i.e. at our eating events you must eat Vegan food. You won't be lectured or undergo a forced conversion, we are very informal. So even if you are not a vegan but you sympathise with our views then why not come along. You'll be surprised how much you enjoy it.

Contacting ER Vegans

ERVegans is run by Mark Evans. We'd love to hear from whether you want to join us, need some help or just have an interesting point. If you'd like to contact us please use one of the following methods:

• e-mail: ervegans @

• Telephone: 01482 471119

• check out our FAQ page