These are our Frequently Asked Questions about our group. If you have a question about veganism in general please look at our FAQs about Veganism.

FAQs about ERVegans

Who are ER Vegans and what do they do?

ER Vegans are a group of vegans and vegan sympathisers in the Hull and surrounding area. We were set up to:

  • organise vegan events
  • provide support and information for vegans
  • encourage veganism

Are you connected with the Vegan Society?

Yes we are an official local contacts group, registered with the vegan society UK and we adhere to their code of conduct.

What area do you cover?

We serve the people of Hull and the surrounding area

What does it cost to join?

Nothing! We raise money from selling items at fairs and from donations from members (stamps are always handy).

How do I join?

Either call us on 01482 471119 or go to our web form, fill out the info and click the send button.

Do I have to live in Hull or the surrounding area to get a newsletter?

To get a paper copy of the newsletter you have to live in Hull or the surrounding area.

Email copies of the newsletter can be sent to anyone. Just ask for one using this link.

How often are the newsletters produced?

Every 2-3 months although we are sometimes more frequent, sometimes not quite so. It really depends on how much is happening.

How do I get copies of the old newsletters?

Yes, almost all the newsletters (and other publications) are available for download.

I want to come to an event but I am not a vegan. Is that OK?

Yes. All we ask is that you are a vegan at the event.

Don't worry about knowing how to behave or anything like that. We are a very friendly bunch and new guests and members are always encouraged. And don't worry about missing out on things. Many the people who come to our events are only vegetarians and some aren't even that. They come because they really enjoy our events.

What themes have you had at Hitchcock's

We are known for our more unusual themes but to give you some idea of the range we have a page that lists them all for you.

You'll try to convert me though, won't you?

No. Not at all.


OK we would like everyone to become a vegan but we know the best way to achieve that is by being an inclusive group and getting non-vegans along to see what we do and to have a good time and to edge along to veganism at their own pace.


Now some of the people who were not vegan and came to our events have since become vegan, some have not. We don't mind that because we enjoy having all the people who come to our event around--it creates a great atmosphere.


Also we realise that it is an easier task to get every one in Britain to eat a vegan meal once per week than to convert

FAQs: Veganism