About me ...

A brief description of who I am and what the purpose of this website is.

My name is Mark Evans and this website is my personal space for putting in the public domain the aspects of control engineering that interest me or sharing points I want to make on control engineering.

I obtained a degree in Chemical Engineering back in 1987. I had set out to be a “normal chemical engineer” butI got into process control line because my industrial placement was with Honeywell UK and I found that I really enjoyed it. That year with Honeywell changed my whole direction. Since then I have worked for Peabody Holmes, Honeywell, Cytek Projects, Merrydown Controlware (my own company) and BP Petrochemicals. While freelancing I worked for both Yokogawa UK and BP.

So you can see I am not a "proper control engineer”. The only education I haven the subject is the rudimentary stuff included as part of my chemical engineering degree plus the odd course on control engineering specifics. I have read several control engineering books and done some study. I have also been fortunate to work with control engineers that were able to pass on their skills and I have had lots of opportunities to apply these myself. These last two points are probably the best and most influential on my ability now.

Please have a good browse around and comment via the associated Facebook website - I appreciate all constructive feedback. If you need a few starting articles then here is a selection;